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Penis pockets: The ultimate solution to a very male problem?

There's never quite been a shortage of bare skin on Instagram, Tiktok and the like. But a relatively new kind of gents' underwear is spurring thousands more to post pics of their neatly packaged junk online.

Pouch underwear is said to combine the best of tight briefs and loose boxer shorts: Things are kept relatively well packaged, but are also still relatively free to dangle.

The result: no more sweaty scrotes.

Let's get to the meat: What makes pouch underwear different - despite looking like normal briefs from the outside - is that it features a special soft pouch for the penis, keeping everything else separate and well-aired.

The founders of Just Wears, who brought their "penis pocket" design onto Britain's "Dragons' Den" show for business ideas, say their underwear "signals the end of sweaty balls, once and for all."

The so-called "palace for the phallus" is also being produced by several other brands around the world, including Cocksox from Australia, Bn3th from Canada and Ergowear from Chile, and is now steadily emerging as an alternative underwear design.

One German start-up founded by two brothers says it's currently booming because of this trend, despite their knickers selling at more than three times the price of normal briefs.

The Polynski brothers Andrej and Evgeny say they founded their company Pckd in Berlin in 2019 after they lost the "feeling of freshness" in their crotches.

Evgeny says things were always rubbing around too much - too tight and too stuffy. Just please don't talk about our underwear as testicle bras, penis push-ups or even erotic articles, Evgeny says.


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