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New Docuseries On Christian Musicians Coming to Pure Flix

Pure Flix is proud to announce a brand new docuseries featuring the musicians behind some of your favorite record-breaking songs and contestants on your go-to music shows. “Rockin’ On Heavens Door” is available exclusively on Pure Flix on December 27, 2021.

Join host Mark Dvornik as he talks faith, life and music with Jonathan Cain of Journey, TobyMac and Melinda Doolittle.

“‘Rockin’ On Heavens Door’ is a glimpse into an artist’s heart where we share our stories and how our belief in Jesus and the Holy Spirit helped us with life challenges along our faith journey,” said singer, songwriter and keyboardist for the band Journey, Jonathan Cain.

“Transparent testimonials are rare in this day and age and this Pure Flix special will inspire anyone to seek the Holy Spirit’s fire in their own lives.”

The docuseries provides a behind-the-scenes look at the careers of Cain, Doolittle and TobyMac. Watch the trailer here.

“My hope is that, when you watch this documentary, you connect with the realness of the questions and the honesty of the answers. There’s such a beauty in being real and realizing you’re not alone,” said Melinda Doolittle.

Pure Flix is the leading faith and family-friendly streaming video-on-demand service. With thousands of God-honoring and inspiring movies and shows, you can Have Faith In Your Entertainment again.

Pure Flix was founded in 2005 by Michael Scott, David A.R. White, and Russell Wolfe. The company initially started as a film studio behind breakout theatrical hits like “God’s Not Dead,” “The Case for Christ,” and “Do You Believe?” and launched its streaming platform in 2014.

In late 2020, Pure Flix the streaming service became part of AFFIRM Entertainment, a subsidiary of Sony Pictures Entertainment, with a mission to stream God-honoring stories to a new generation through inspiring and faith-affirming TV shows, movies and original series.


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