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Just In: 16 Victims From Jos Attacks, Buried Amidst Tears, Pain and Anguish

Victims of the Yelwa Zangam Community of Jos North Local government area were buried on Saturday amidst tears, anguish and Pain.

Their bodies were taken from the Jos University teaching hospital, JUTH on Saturday Morning to Yelwa Zangam amidst tight security. A total of 16 bodies were conveyed in two trucks.

One after the other, the remains of the victims were brought down from the truck as survivors wailed and cursed those, who were behind their pain.

By the time the casket bearing 16 of them were conveyed to the burial ground it was apparent that the emotions and grief for some were too much to bear as they lost consciousnesses and had to be revived.

Rita, as she was simply identified wept uncontrollably. She lost two of her daughters.

Her entire world she said was taken away from her the night her two daughters were hacked to death. She will never be the same person again, she sobbed

17 other victims who were burnt beyond recognition were buried earlier on Wednesday.

Saturday's brief Ceremony began with Songs and Prayers. Then a very short exhortation by the Pastor before the bodies were lowered.

Reverend Ishaku Yaro, Director, Christian Education, ECWA headquarters read from 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18 admonishing those who came to pay their final respect not to despair but be encouraged as the price paid by their loved ones will certainly not be in vain.

Rev. Ishaku said "We have a hope that those who died will rise and and those of us who believe will catch up with those who precede us in Christ.

Ateker Pada Bitrus Lost 9 members of his immediate family. The retired Civil servants told me that he is in pain and deep regrets.

Mr. Bitrus said the attacks was well planned and clinically executed. His reason is that the major bridge linking the Community and the main city was destroyed to prevent access to security personnel or anyone that could have provided any form of help.

He claimed that those who carried out the attacks may be have been contracted but resident amongst them. His allegation stem from the fact that those who escaped from the terrorist invaded the village spoke in a certain language..

The christian association of Nigeria youth wing says government must rise up to its constitutional responsibility of protecting and defending the defenseless.

Pharm Markus Kanda Audu the CAN Youth Chairman in Plateau state says, the latest onslaught of violence in Plateau state is "Perpetrated by those who are bent to annihilate those who profess the faith of Jesus Christ.

Pharmacist Mark Said the current attacks has united the christian youths which make it easy for them to have a common front against the enemy.

He said government have failed to protect lives and and property of its Citizens and warned that if they continue to fail in this responsibility, christian youth will not stay back and watch their fellows killed in such a barbaric manner.

Yelwa Zangam community is situated directly Behind the University of Jos.

To prevent Future attacks in the community which boarders the University of Jos inhabitants of the affected community are calling for the repossession of the land as part of the solution to unsolved conflict in Yelwa Zangam.

Haruna Sunday a native of Yelwa described Tuesday's incident as an unprovoked attacked and blamed the security operatives for failing to prevent it.

He said the village is barely 2 Kilometers away from the city center and wondered why the Police and the Military will only show up after the killings and burning of houses had taken place.

He called on the government to act "decisively and proactively by taking over the land if the host communities become a threat to the University of Jos" which he claims owns the land

There is a general feeling among the locals that arresting and prosecuting those involved in the recent conflicts on the Plateau is key to ending the circle of violence by those now termed bandits, Armed Gunmen or terrorist

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