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Dante Bowe Deletes Apology Post on Maverick City Split

A few days ago, worship leader Dante Bowe posted an apology on Instagram about his behavior that caused the worship collective, Maverick City Music, to pause its affiliation with the artist. Now that apology has been removed.

The five-time Grammy-nominated artist shared two messages with his 335,000 followers after Maverick City Music's announcement about pausing their relationship with him, but both posts have been removed.

The more recent message shared that he was "sincerely" sorry for the behavior that led him to be distanced from the group for a season.

"This platform of success I enjoy is a blessing that is both gifted to me and shared with YOU, my faith community, family, friends, supporters, and fellow artists," he wrote.

"I sincerely apologize for the impact of my behavior and that it has offended many people on the platform we share together. This experience has been a real reminder of the importance of being incredibly intentional with how I utilize and engage with the tools social platforms provide," Bowe continued. "Throughout this process, I have received wise counsel which influenced my decision to take a step back and reflect about my actions so that I may commit to living in the purpose God has for my life."

"I want to say thank you to Maverick City Music for their continued support now and always - Throughout this process, they have remained by my side and for that, I am truly grateful," he added.

Hours later, Maverick City Music posted an additional message of support for Bowe.

"We are in full support of Dante as he continues his journey towards health and happiness," the band said on its Instagram account. "Our ethos has always and will always be centered on family. We are all imperfect people who need a perfect Savior. Dante is apart (sic) of our family and will always be."

Maverick City Music and Bowe have not specified the behavior that led the group to "pause" from the artist.

But multiple reports have pointed to a video posted on social media of the 29-year-old and friends singing to a Bad Bunny song with explicit lyrics.

CBN News reported that Maverick City Music announced last week they would take a break in their relationship with Bowe after a display of "inconsistent" behavior.

The next morning, Bowe announced he was going to take a social media hiatus and made his Instagram page private.

Days later, he made his account public again and posted an apology thanking the group for their continued support.

Although Bowe's comment section is now disabled, many people showed support to the artist including Maverick City Music member Naomi Raine and Gospel artist Israel Houghton.

Bowe is scheduled to kick off his "Joyful" tour in late October. Currently, the tour website is still selling tickets, but one of his concerts scheduled for Virginia Beach, VA has reportedly been canceled.


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