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  • Samson Omale

Plateau State Lefthanders Harps on Anti Discrimination

As Nigeria commemorates the 2021 International Lefthanders Day (ILD), some residents of Plateau have called for proper and increased awareness of the habit to curtail all forms of discrimination against lefthanders in the society.

The residents made the call in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Friday in Jos.

Left-handedness, which is sometimes called ‘’sinistrality’’, means the usage of ones left hand rather than right hand for routine activities, such as writing, eating, sweeping and washing.

Mr Yemi Mathew, the Public Relations Officer (PRO) of the Lefthanders Club in the state, decried the high level of discrimination against users of left hands in the society.

According to him, the habit is not a ‘’taboo or a deficiency’’, insisting that it is the same God that created people who use either left or right hand.

He advised parents to desist from forcing their children who used left hand to change to right hand, saying such act was discriminatory.

“The same God who created everybody in a unique way, created those who use the left hand. So, there is no need discriminating against them.

“As a club, we have been creating awareness against this act and I want to call on parents to stop forcing their children who use left hand to change to right hand, it is not a taboo nor a deficiency,’’ he said.

On her part, Mrs Nambling John, who said her son is a lefthander, described him as a very ‘’exceptional’’ fellow who is good at all he does.

“My son is a lefthander and I am proud of him; he is very intelligent and exceptional at all he does.

“Most times, I admire him. I admire his beautiful handwriting and the way he uses his left hand to carry out the household chores and other activities.

“I have never discriminated against him, rather, I encourage him to make exploits because for me, using his left hand to do things is a gift,’’ she said.

Another lefthander, Miss Joy Peter, called for adequate sensitisation at primary and secondary school levels, adding that it would reduce the spate of discrimination against lefthanders.

Peter also called on religious and community leaders to create more awareness on the issue, particularly in rural areas.

“For me, there is need to create serious awareness in our schools. Primary and secondary school teachers must not discriminate or scold children who use left hands because it is a gift and not taboo.

“Our religious and community leaders must also use their pulpits and offices to sensitise the people against the practice because they are all created by one same God,’’she said.

Source NAN

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